You write books. It’s in your blood.

(So are the three coffees you had before lunch.)

A small voice insists that “author” should be a legitimate job description. Is it really possible to make a living writing?

We—and countless literary revolutionaries—say yes!

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Indie publishing has changed the bookselling landscape. But the road isn’t easy, and you shouldn’t go it alone. (Or without a thermos for coffee.) That’s why we started Indie Plot Twist – to share our road map with you.

  • How do you write compelling fiction (and non-fiction) that satisfies readers?
  • How do you become a book marketer, as well as a book writer?
  • How do you master the best social media techniques and other platform building?
  • How do you navigate the techie world of websites, email lists, etc.?
  • How do you think like a business person, as well as a creative?
  • And how do you stay motivated and inspired?

You can find answers to your most challenging writing and indie publishing questions right here on Indie Plot Twist!

What Do You Need Help With?

If you’re like most new visitors to Indie Plot Twist, you’ve come to this website with the hope of taking your writing to the next level. But you’re also facing one or more common challenges.

So we’ve organized this site into 4 portals to help you find the answers to your questions:

Go Deep on the Inside

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