5 More Tips For Building Traffic Through Content

In the previous post in this series, we discussed five ways to build traffic through content. If you missed that post or would like to review it, you can read it here.

Today, let’s look at five more tips.

Growing a blog is like growing artichokes. It takes time and dedication

1. Develop a Routine
Human beings are creatures of habit. We find a routine that works and we are loathe to change it.

It is, therefore, important to find a blogging or update schedule that works well for you as soon as possible. Whether you post once a week, once every other week, or once a month, it’s important to post regularly. Your readers will learn when to expect new content from you and will come to look for it.

2. 100 Posts
For those who are starting out, the rule of thumb is to post as often as possible. I’ve seen recommendations to do a post a day until you have a sufficient body of content.

What’s sufficient? One recommendation suggested 100 posts. That gives readers enough background material to satisfy their curiosity if they like what you have to say well enough to want more.

If you like to write and can publish quality content quickly, it’s not a bad idea to post daily at least until you get 100 posts under your belt. The more you write, the better you’ll get; the better you get, the more attention you’ll draw.

I prefer to write articles in advance so they’re ready to go before I need them. For example, if I were to decide to launch a blog dedicated to epic novels, I’d list as many post ideas as possible.

I’d write as many of them as possible, too. I’d do that while thinking about starting the blog. I’d do that while designing the blog. I’d do that while setting up the blog. Hopefully, by the time I launch the blog, I’d also have a collection of posts scheduled in advance.

What’s the point?

Writing ahead gives you the opportunity to fine-tune, refine, proof, and revise your posts so the content is as good as you can make it.

Writing ahead of time also gives you a buffer so you have posts in reserve for those times when you can’t think of anything to write.

In fact, what I’d hope to have by launch date would be at least 50 posts ready or nearly ready to go. A the rate of one post a week, that’s nearly a year’s worth of posts. Ample time to establish your blog.

3. Pay Attention to Your Commenters
This is vital. Almost as vital as high quality content. If you have the best content in the world, but you ignore your readers when they comment, they probably won’t hang around very long. Who, after all, likes to be ignored?

Take the time to approve and respond to comments in a timely fashion. You want conversation, right? You will have to join in sooner or later. Why wait?

4. Patience Is A Virtue
Even if you do everything right from the start (and very few of us do), it will take time to grow your audience. Promoting to other bloggers and through other sources of social media is helpful, but don’t expect overnight growth. Yes, it does happen upon occasion, but most of the time, it’s a slow process. Be prepared for weeks or months of slow growth.

5. Always Improve
Don’t give up too quickly. It took over two years for my art blog Carrie L. Lewis Horse Painter to start showing results. I posted regularly about a variety of art-related topics, but was always looking for ways to improve. I continued to fine tune through those years, narrowing my focus, more clearly defining my target audiences, and improving the quality of content I published.

So don’t despair if things take a while. The only sure way to fail is to give up. Don’t give up.


There are no guarantees in life, but if you do all or most of these things, you will see improvement in traffic.

And who knows? You could just be the next “overnight success story”.

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