5 Tips for Blogging Your Way Through the Holidays

5 Tips for Blogging Through the HolidaysThe year-end holidays are rapidly approaching. Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. (Doesn’t it seem like we just celebrated Thanksgiving?)

If you’re a blogger, the holidays can be a difficult time to get any writing done. Actually, they can be a difficult even if you don’t blog.

I’ve been blogging somewhere for about ten years. I make no claims to knowing everything there is to know on the subject—who does? But I know more than I did ten years ago.

Here at Indie Plot Twist, I’m responsible for five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year so I’m going to share five ideas for getting through the season. Some of them I know I’ll use; some I may not. You’ll have to check in each of the next five weeks to see!

Holiday Memories

I’m planning to publish memories of Thanksgiving in the old farmhouse on my personal/author blog around Thanksgiving. It’s been written for several weeks because I got a chance to trip down memory lane and do some creative writing just for fun. It’s a pretty decent post, too, if I say so myself.

Pick a favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas and describe it. Or you might choose a funny one or an unusual one.

For Christmas, you could also describe the best (or worst) gift you received (or gave). There’s four posts right there!

Link Posts

Last December, I listed five blogs every writer should read. I provided links to each blog, a few lines about what the blog was about, and why I thought it was important. It was easy to write and proved quite popular.

You can do the same thing. The best part about this type of post is that you can write it now, schedule it, and be done with it!

List Posts

This is like a link post, but with a theme. The theme can be whatever you want it to be. Favorite movies. Favorite recipes. Favorite books.

Last December, I shared my favorite posts from all those Danielle wrote in 2014. Danielle turned right around and published a list of her favorite posts from all those I’d written.

Find a blogger you really like and share your favorite links with your readers. Just make sure the posts you share will also interest your readers.

Photo Essay

If you like photography, put together a photo essay. It could be a themed essay such as Christmas decorations or snowfall or it could be an unthemed collection of favorite photos. You might even show your favorites from the entire year. Sort of a look back over the year in images.

The one thing I’d stress with a post of this type is that you use pictures you’ve taken. That gives the photo essay a more personal feel.

Seasons Greetings

Christmas 2014Then there are always seasons greeting posts. This is what Danielle posted here last year.

Not only are they quick and easy to read for your readers; they give you an opportunity to connect with your readers in a manner that’s less formal and more personal.

Besides, if you make your own electronic greetings, it can be a lot of fun!

And if you do a Thanksgiving greeting and a Christmas greeting, you’ve taken care of two weeks.

The reason I like these types of posts is that they can be written and scheduled ahead of time. I made holiday greetings and inserted them into posts for my personal blog in the middle of September (or was it August).

When it comes to the holidays, the more posts you can schedule in advance, the less blogging work you’ll have during the holidays.

And the more you can enjoy the holiday-specific work with family!

Do you have other tips for blogging through the holidays? Share one or two in the comment box below.

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