A Cool Tool For Tracking Time

Online Timer With TextWho couldn’t use help managing their time better? Nobody I know has enough time.

So often, finding the right tool to monitor time and tasks is the key to effective time management. Especially when it’s so easy to lose track of time.

If the tool is easy and fun to use, so much the better!

I recently found just such a tool. It’s called Online Timer. I’ve been using it long enough to conclude that it looks like the best thing since those hourglass timers for setting time limits and¬† sticking with them.

If you have difficulty limiting time on social media, TV, housework, writing, or anything else, this handy tool is for you.

Here’s the way it works.

Go to Online Timer. This is the page you’ll land on.


In the upper left hand corner (blue arrow below) are options for changing the size of the display. That changes the big red numbers. You can reduce them until they take up just a corner of the browser window or you can enlarge them until they fill the screen The default is medium, which is shown in these illustrations.

On the right (green arrow) are options for changing the background color. Nothing fancy here. Blue, black, silver, green, and orange. Black is the default. The blue and orange are screamingly bright. The green is very nice, but you just can’t look at red numbers on green very long before things start to happen with the eyes. The silver, which is shown below, was the most pleasing combination for me.


The drop down menu below the countdown numbers (red arrow above and illustration below) are time settings. They range from Off (which is the default setting) to 90 minutes in one-minute increments.


Below the drop down menu are two rows of additional options.

The top row gives you a variety of choices about how your timer looks. The default setting is the big numbers in these illustrations, but you can also choose an alarm clock setting (which includes seconds), a stop watch with start/stop settings, a countdown setting that includes hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths of seconds….really?), a counter (single digits only), and a radio. The radio setting plays music instead of the annoying alarm clock sound and you can choose the type of music it plays!


The second row is a list of additional options for backgrounds designed to set moods. These include background images and, for some, sound effects. I checked out the rain timer, which comes with a view as seen through a rain-spattered window and the sounds of a rainy day. It’s playing as I write this post.


The best part about this online timer is that it’s free.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to time your activities without timing out your budget, this might just be what you’re looking for. Click on over and check it out.

How do you like the online timer. Which settings were your favorites? If you time your chores and writing activities, what method do you use?

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