A Special Gift for Our 100th Newsletter Subscriber

Carrie and I are proud to announce that, as I write this, we have 99 subscribers to the Indie Plot Twist newsletter! We decided to do something special for subscriber 100: A free, autographed paperback copy of our first creative writing guide, Journaling to Become a Better Writer

Afraid you won’t be the lucky one? Don’t worry. We have free books for all our subscribers every day! More on that in a minute.

2016--03-09 100th Newsletter Subscriber Free Autographed Copy

Journaling Front Cover lores (432x648)What do you get with the IPT newsletter? An extra, exclusive article every month, plus insider news and promotions! (Subscribers recently received a 50% discount with a developmental editor!)

What do you get with Journaling to Become a Better Writer? 200 pages of inspiration on how to harness the hidden potential in the mental ramblings of your personal journal. This copy for our 100th subscriber will be signed by the author, Danielle Lincoln Hanna. (Me!)

How do you join? Just click the button! All subscribers receive a free copy of the ebook edition of Journaling to Become a Better Writer, plus Carrie Lynn Lewis’s insightful and humorous book, Writing a Novel Is Like Walking a Cat.

We can’t wait to have you join us as an Indie Plot Twist insider!

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