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Danielle Lincoln Hanna

Danielle Lincoln Hanna learned how to read and write at age four and knew she wanted to be an author by the time she was seven. She now writes crime fiction under the tagline Hearth & Homicide Suspense, as well as how-to books for her fellow authors. You can stalk her at www.DanielleLincolnHanna.com and www.SapphireBookEditing.com.

When she’s not riveted to her computer, you can find her camping, hiking, and biking with her dog Molly.

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Carrie Lynn Lewis

For over thirty years, Carrie’s writing took a backseat to full-time work outside the home and to her small business painting portraits of horses and other animals from across the country.

In 2008, she rediscovered writing and, in late 2009, became a full-time artist, which opened up time each day to pursue writing. Her favorite genres are mystery, suspense, and political thriller, with manuscripts in the works in each of those categories. She also is an active crit partner for other authors, both published and unpublished.

She also recently published an art book, Complementary Under Drawing With Colored Pencils and has plans for additional books on art techniques.

Carrie’s writing blog can be found at http://www.carrielynnlewis.com/ and her art website and blog is http://www.carrielewis.com/.

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