Carrie’s Top 5 List of Danielle’s 2014 Posts

I’m taking a couple of weeks off for Christmas, so there will be no new post today.

Instead, following are my five favorite posts of those Danielle published this year. By way of explanation, these are the posts I enjoyed the most or learned the most from. I can’t rank them (which was the funniest, which was the most instructive, etc.) because they’re all good. So I’m presenting them in alphabetical order.

I hope you enjoy them again!

Or, if you’re new to Indie Plot Twist, I hope you’ll enjoy them for the first time.

A Personal Journey Disguised as “Doing Research” II: Do Crazy Things. This series is full of good posts, but I had to choose this particular post for one simple reason. It features horses! The information is good, too, and well worth a second look if you’ve already read it or a first look if you haven’t.

How to Fall in Love with an Idea You Hate. Who doesn’t have a story they have to write but which they really don’t like very much? Come on. Be honest! We’re all friends. You have one, too, don’t you?

How to Write a Plot Twist. I love  plot twists. Better than chocolate (well, almost). So when Danielle wrote this straight to the point and easy to grasp post on how to write plot twists, I had to read it.

How to Write Descriptions in Fiction, Part 4: Prose That Soars. Prose is one of my favorite things; ask anybody who has read a manuscript I wrote more than ten years ago (there are four). The more purple, the better. In fact, my husband. Neal suggested I create a website called Carrie’s Purple Prose. He wasn’t kidding. This post was a slap on the wrist, but it was also helpful enough to make my top 5 favorites among all the posts Danielle wrote in 2014.

Let Your Characters Write The Story. Characters and I don’t always play well together. Especially the gals. I can relate to the guys, especially the leading men, but those women. Whew! The concept of letting characters tell their own story was surprising. I could just see all my novels written from a male POV with little or no participation by the ladies. Pleasant as that idea was, it wasn’t feasible. It still isn’t. But the ideas Danielle presented in this post were just as helpful when I reread it a moment ago as when I first read it way back in June. It seems to have opened my imagination to the possibilities, too, because since then, the most recalcitrant of my leading ladies passed my house on her motorbike. Yep. In real life! More on that later.

Those are my top five picks. Danielle posted 40 posts this year, so there’s lots to read, including excellent series posts. I invite you to search through her posts and share your favorites, especially if they’re different than mine. Let us know why they’re your favorites, too.

If you are a new reader, I encourage you to give yourself a gift this Christmas. It’s easy and it’s free. What is it?

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