Carrie’s Top 5 List of Danielle’s 2015 Posts

5 Favorite Blog PostsFollowing are my five favorite posts of those Danielle published this year. By way of explanation, these are the posts I enjoyed the most or learned the most from. I can’t rank them (which was the funniest, which was the most instructive, etc.) because they’re all good. So I’m presenting them in alphabetical order.

I hope you enjoy them again!

Or, if you’re new to Indie Plot Twist, I hope you’ll enjoy them for the first time.

A Different Way to Identify Your Target Audience

Writers—and others—hear all the time that they must identify their target audience and create an ideal reader. The problem is that most of those admonitions lack concrete advice. We know we need to do it. Tell us how. That’s just what Danielle has done in this post.

Embrace the Muck that is First Draft

LOL, who can’t identify with this concept! While Danielle’s talking specifically about those hardy souls who do NaNoWriMo each year, the principles she shares apply to all authors and all first drafts. Whether or not you ever participate in NaNo, you can benefit from her helpful and sensible tips while wading through your own first drafts.

I Write Fiction. What Should I Blog About?

Ah. This is something I wrestle with just like every other unpublished fiction author. What in the world do I blog about!? She even includes the first thing I thought I should do but shouldn’t have.  But she doesn’t stop there and includes lists of potential topics in two categories. If you’re a fiction author and if you’re still unpublished, but you want to blog—or are blogging—this could be one of the most helpful posts you’ll read this month.

First Draft: Several Thousand Things That Won’t Work

I didn’t even need to read this post to know it would be a favorite! Why? Because I have my own list of things that didn’t work. But that’s another post. Danielle’s list of wrong turns, blind alleys, and rabbit trails is not only fun and funny, it’s very helpful. Whether you’re working on a first draft, getting ready for revisions, or have yet to get started, this post is well worth the read.

How to Be a Massively Successful Author

In this post, Danielle tackles a few of the major hurdles every writer must get over in order to realize success. It’s a good basic guide for writers of all ages and at all levels of publication.

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