Coming in August – Single-Sentence Summary Clinic Revisited

single-sentence-summary-01One of the most popular series I’ve ever written on writing is the five-part writing clinic on single-sentence summaries. That clinic debuted on my old writing blog, where it still provides help and instruction to writers every day.

It also appears here, on Indie Plot Twist, where it is also popular.

So popular, in fact, that I’m dedicating August to a revisiting of the clinic.

What is a single-sentence summary, and why do you need one?

  • A single-sentence summary is your story in 25 words or less.
  • You need one to describe your book in few, but compelling words to friends and family, readers, agents and publishers (if publishing traditionally), those blank fields in self publishing forms (if publishing indie), and the lady you just met in the canned soup aisle.

We covered those topics in the previous clinic and will hit upon some of them again in the new clinic. Beyond that, the only similarities between this clinic and the first one is the topic. I’ve learned new things and will be passing that information on to you through each of the five posts.

Scheduled topics

  • Why Every Writer Needs a Single-Sentence Summary
  • How to Use Single-Sentence Summary to Paint a Word Picture
  • Character+Goal+Obstacle: 3 Vital Parts of the Single-Sentence Summary
  • Evaluating New Ideas, Part 1:  Sorting Ideas to Find Your Next Story
  • Evaluating New Ideas, Part 2:  Is Your New Idea as Strong as It Could Be?

If you have a manuscript that needs a single-sentence summary and you don’t know where to begin, this clinic is for you!

If you’re not content with simply reading the posts online–if you’d like some one-on-one help with your own single sentence summary–then for all the month of August (2015), I’m offering private instruction at no cost to Indie Plot Twist subscribers. If you’re not already a subscriber but would like to participate, it’s easy to sign up. Click here to become a subscriber.

Once you’re subscribed, just send a note to Carrie to let her know you want in on the one-on-one instruction for the Single Sentence Summary Clinic.

I hope you’ll join us next week for the first installment, why you DON’T need a single-sentence summary.

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