Coming Soon: Daily Discipline for the Writer

I need a little help. Your help.

Whether you’re a new writer or not, the first lesson you learned is that writing is neither easy nor fast. Unless you’re a prodigy.

For the rest of us, completing a novel of any length requires enthusiasm and momentum for weeks and months. Sometimes years. When the writing juices are flowing, it’s easy.

But what about when the juices aren’t flowing quite so abundantly?

Or when you have a ton of other things to do and they’re all important?

What do you do then?

That’s the purpose of Daily Discipline for the Writer, my series for October. And this is where you come in.

First, A Confession

When Danielle reminded me in early September that I was planning to do a series on daily discipline for writers, my first response was not flattering.

“What? This month??”

The truth is, I was struggling with daily discipline myself. After adhering to a fairly rigid writing regimen in July and August, September seemed to be nothing but distractions. I didn’t feel up to writing about telling other authors how to be disciplined when I wasn’t doing a very good job of personally.

Then Danielle did something that was very wise on her part and very helpful to me.

1. She sent me a link to the clinic schedule elsewhere on this blog and–wa-la!–there was a description of the course, written months ago. Back when I thought it was a good idea.

2. She suggested I incorporate my current lack of discipline into the series and talk about the things that helped me get back on track.

So that’s what this series is all about. I’ll share with you the things that derailed writing discipline–good, bad, and indifferent. I’ll also talk about the things that helped me get back on track. That will include links to blog posts, e-zines, and other things geared toward helping writers be disciplined in their writing life.

At the moment, the course outline is pretty sketchy. Mostly just the points I’d like to discuss.

  • Sorting through distractions–good, bad, and indifferent
  • Getting lots of things done every day
  • Tricks & tips to keep projects moving forward

Like I said, pretty sketchy.

The course officially begins October 4, so if you have a question you’d like to ask, a particular problem you struggle with, or a topic you’d like to have discussed, please leave a comment in the comment box below. The course is more about you than it is about me. I’m just the guinea pig.

Oh, and the instructor.

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