Danielle’s Top 5 List of Carrie’s 2015 Posts

2015-04-01 Laptop2 (640x427)Last year, Carrie and I began a new December tradition, wherein we each choose our five favorite posts of the year, written by the other person. I’m going first! I have to admit, it was a little hard to narrow these down to five. But, to the best of my ability, these are my five favorites that Carrie wrote in 2015. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I did!

Single-Sentence Summary Course – Introduction

Everybody loves Carrie’s brilliant strategies for summing up an entire novel in just one sentence. She opened a new course this year (the posts are all available on the blog!) and this was the first in the series. What is a single-sentence summary? And how do you even begin to know how to write one? Carrie gets you started!

4 Special Features For Your Novel’s Blog or Website

This was one of my favorite ideas Carrie ever introduced me to. We blogger-authors all face that perennial question, “What should I blog about?” Carrie passes along the concept of treating your blog like the “special features” section of a DVD. Here she shares some specific ideas!

Fear of Risk and How it Inhibits Your Writing

Okay, let’s be honest. Authors are a fearful bunch. There’s something massively scary about putting your heart and soul on paper, then – ee-gads! – making it public! And that’s just one of many scary things we have to do. Carrie masterfully turns a simple vignette from the grocery store into an inspiring post on why we stick to situations that are holding us back, instead of doing the brave thing that will push us forward.

Once Upon a Time… A Modern Fairy Tale

Have you been here – stuck at the bottom of the Mountain of Your Dreams and wondering if you’ll ever get to the top? Guess what. So have we all. Sometimes it feels like we’ve tried everything, and there’s no point in going on. If that’s where you are, you should read this post.

7 Steps to Getting Prepared to be Published

It’s not as simple as slapping some words on the page and uploading to Amazon. It’s a competitive world out there, and if you want to make it at all, you need to have your game together! Carrie presents seven must-do steps to give your book a fighting chance.

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That’s it! My favorite five that Carrie wrote this year! Do you have a favorite from our archives? Let us know in the comments!

2015-12-16 Best Posts by Carrie

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