Danielle’s Top 5 List of Carrie’s Posts from 2014

Like we’ve mentioned, Carrie and I are taking things a bit easy for the holidays. So to return the favor Carrie paid me by her top 5 list of my blog posts, here are my favorites from Carrie’s blog posts this past year. Listed in alphabetical order:

3 Keys to a Good Mystery Plot – Carrie wrote an entire series on how to write a mystery novel, and this was the introductory post. If you’re not quire sure what defines a “mystery” novel, or the technical difference between mystery and suspense, find out here!

4 Ways to Make Your Author Blog More Entertaining for Your Readers – I love the idea Carrie presents in this blog post! Looking for interesting content for your author blog? Pretend your blog is the “special features” part of a movie! What interesting behind-the-scenes stuff can you share with your readers? Carrie presents a list to get your creativity started.

IPT Clinic Blogging For Writers – 7 Considerations Before You Get Started – Are you thinking about starting your own author blog? Do you even have any idea where to start? Are you worried you have nothing to write about, and no one to write it for? Carrie covers all the basics right here.

IPT Time Management Clinic – Why a 15-Minute Task List Works – I scoffed at this idea when Carrie first told me about it. Then I tried it. You wouldn’t believe how well this works! How much can you  get done in just 15 minutes? I dare you.

What Is a Single Sentence Summary? – Obviously, any list of Carrie’s top posts would be incomplete without including this one–her reigning champion. Can you tell me what your book is about in just one sentence? The ultra-short single-sentence book summary can be used everywhere from elevator pitches to telling your friends what your book is about. If you don’t have a single sentence summary yet, get one! Learn how to write it here.


Carrie and I have been blogging at IPT for shy of a year now, and we’re incredibly blessed by the support we’ve received from each and every one of you. If you read our blog, if you’ve subscribed, or if you’ve ever shared us on social media, THANK YOU!

Carrie Sez: Dittos to Danielle and to all you for your support. You’ve been a great audience from the start and we are  incredibly blessed by your continued loyalty.

Happy New Year 2015

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