Recommended Reading on Cutting Excess Words

Whether you’re already published, about to begin the submission process with your first novel, or are still grinding out the words, you should be interested in word count.

Namely, in keeping unnecessary words to a minimum.

But how to do that?

Some time ago, Rachelle Gardner published an excellent post on that subject. In that post, she shares eight basic steps for trimming word count and tightening up your writing. Her list includes reducing back story and unnecessary adverbs (“ly” words).

What are the others? I don’t want to steal Rachelle’s thunder so will instead direct you to the full article, How to Cut Thousands of Words Without Shedding a Tear. The article is part three of a 3-part series on Strategies for Writers, so take a minute or two and give the other two articles a read, too.

Rachelle is an agent, editor, and literary coach, so she knows what she’s talking about. By the way, her blog is also well worth reading and subscribing to whether you plan on publishing independently, traditionally, or somewhere in between.

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