Life Changes

Old things pass away, new things take their place.

Shadow of a Hot Air BalloonSome changes are for the better; some are not.

Some changes involve friendships and partnerships.

I can’t describe all of the changes that have come my way over the last few months and you wouldn’t want to hear about them if I could. But I can say one thing. All of them have influenced my writing life.

I have no doubts Danielle can say the same thing. How can I be so sure?

Danielle is busy promoting her books, Journaling to Become a Better Writer and the first in her MailBoat series.

I’m writing art lesson downloads like a crazy artist to raise money for editing (yes, we do have to raise money too!) My art blog is growing beyond all expectation, I have a new portrait to paint, and—yes, in the back of my mind—I’m looking for the next story to write.

In short, our schedules have become so crowded with things that we’ve had to take a serious look at everything we’re trying to do and decide what can be let go.

Indie Plot Twist is one of those things.

Hot Air BalloonsOh, Danielle and I will continue to be friends, writing buddies, and brainstorming partners. It’s my personal hope that that never changes.

But our involvement with Indie Plot Twist is at an end.

At least as a blog.

On August 1, Indie Plot Twist will transition from active blog to website. All of our old content will remain, but it will be in archive form.

We’ll continue to publish a monthly newsletter. That’s where you’ll find fresh, new content.

For the time being, the newsletter will continue to be a free service from us to you. But it will become a paid service at some point. Existing subscribers will be grandfathered into paid subscriptions, so now’s your opportunity to jump on the band wagon before we set our subscription rates and launch the new newsletter.

Balloons in the Setting SunThank you to all of our loyal followers, readers, subscribers, and commenters. It’s been fun and informative for us. We hope it has been for you, too.

I’ll be going back to writing about writing at Carrie Lynn Lewis Writing Well. Danielle will be busy promoting books and providing periodic updates via her newsletter. And we’ll both provide monthly articles for the Indie Plot Twist newsletter.

Now, as they say in the last line of dialogue from Around the World in 80 Days (the old version with David Niven), “This is the end.”

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