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One-room school house

School is in session.

I had an epiphany moment recently while working on posts for the Indie Plot Twist blog.

Carrie and I had planned on posting free clinics five or six times a year. The rest of the year, we’d post writing thoughts and indie publishing info pretty much at random, just like any other blog.

Then I hit a brick wall. I found I was having a dickens of a time writing single posts. Every idea I tapped into, I wanted to elaborate on at length.

So finally, I broke down and asked Carrie, “Can I just host clinics all year round?”

She said sure.


What Makes a Clinic a Clinic?

First of all, I’ll define what Carrie and I mean by “clinic.” No, you don’t have to stick your tongue out and say “Ah.”

Carrie’s into horses in a big way. (Don’t believe me? Check out her jaw-dropping horse portraits.) She borrowed the term “clinic” from the horse world. At horse clinics, a big expert from someplace comes to town (frequently on a tour of several towns and states), people bring their problem horses, and the expert shows them how to overcome the problem.

So Carrie invented “writing clinics.” In clinics she’s hosted in the past (see the IPT Clinic Archives), she’s subjected either her own “problem horses” or those of others to analysis and shown us how to trot out a better piece of writing.

So in other words, a clinic is a class.

So what else makes our clinics a clinic, and not just a blog post?

  • Each clinic runs for a full month–that’s four (and sometimes five) lessons on every topic.
  • Don’t be surprised if we send you on your way with homework assignments. (Always fun and always optional.)
  • Comments, questions, and conversation are strongly encouraged–no matter how long ago we published the clinic. Have a question? Ask away!

Did you catch that? It’s a free, never-ending class with one-on-one attention! (As long as this blog stays live, and we have no plans of going anywhere anytime soon, so go ahead. Eat your heart out.)

And Danielle’s First Clinic Will Be …

Journaling to Become a Better Writer.

Class starts Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014. Be there. I’ll be opening with roll call. (Just kidding.)

To get a taste of what I’ll be talking about, I encourage you to visit a post I already wrote on this topic, Journaling and Basic Story Structure. However, the upcoming lessons will also include homework assignments. (Purely optional. Isn’t that cool?) In a nutshell, we’ll explore several ways that keeping a journal can put you on the right track toward becoming a better writer.

FYI, Carrie will be running another clinic during April as well. (We’re practically turning into a college.) Her class meets every Saturday in April for her IPT Time Management Clinic. Her ideas are great. Trust me. I already read the curriculum.

If you don’t want to miss class, why not subscribe? Subscribers get a free copy of Carrie’s ebook Writing a Novel Is Like Walking a Cat. A massively fun read. Trust me. I read that, too.

School starts next week Wednesday! Can’t wait to see you there.

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