One Creative (and Artsy!) Way to Beat Writer’s Block

Do you want to hear something funny and just a little bit weird?

One time, I was stuck with the story I was working on. I couldn’t think of a single thing to do with it. It was as if all the characters died and nothing was happening.

I thought about letting it go, but I was in the middle of one of those 30-day writing challenges and didn’t want to admit my failure to everyone in the challenge.

So I decided to write on a new document each day. Something usually helps get me through writer’s block.

That still didn’t help. I was really getting frustrated.

Have you ever been there?


1 Creative Way to Beat Writers Block

One day, I started fiddling around with background and font colors. I did that just to avoid writing, but it turned out that changing the page color and font colors was beneficial. Almost as though I’d unlocked a creative door. The first day was so productive that I repeated the exercise the following day with different colors.

For the rest of the month, every day’s work was on a page of a different color with a font color that complemented the page color. I even did some with very dark page colors and lighter fonts. It was remarkable!

I suppose it might have something to do with the artist side of my personality, but I still enjoy looking at those pages and with contemplating all the other neat combinations of background color and font color when I have difficulty putting words on electronic paper in the traditional black-and-white.

And for those times when I write longhand, I purchased a set of colored ink pens. Light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, red, pink, purple…. Some of my handwritten notes are very colorful indeed.

If only I could find college ruled paper in different colors. Sigh.

What fun and unique tricks have you used to jump start your writing or to keep it moving forward?

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