Productivity and Time Management

Developing Daily Discipline For Writers – Introduction

Welcome to October and a new series on Indie Plot Twist. This series is about developing daily discipline as a writer. We begin today with a basic introduction and my thoughts on what writing discipline is and why it’s important.

IPT Time Management Clinic – 5 Tips for Productive Writing

Writers are always looking for ways to improve productivity and maximize the time they have for writing. Available time varies from one writer to the next. Family responsibilities, an outside job, outside responsibilities, health, temperament, they all play a role in the time each writer can spend writing. Part 1 in a 4-part series.

Multitasking, Procrastinating, and Writing a Book a Day (Sort Of)

A lot of indie authors are discovering that their new job takes time. LOTS of it. I know that’s certainly the news on my street. I’d recently heard someone say (wish I could remember where) that there’s no such thing as multitasking. Strictly speaking, we are only capable of focusing our efforts on one thing at a time.

A Punch Clock App for Your Writer’s Office

I found the coolest new tool to help keep me on track – one of my favorite hacks yet! It’s an app for your smartphone called, simply, Time Recording. It basically works like a punch clock – but with lots of other features that help you track how you’re spending your time.