Setting Up A Free WordPress Blog – Writing Your First Post

Here it is the end of June. That means the end of our class on setting up a free WordPress blog. If you missed the previous classes, here are the links.

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Setting Up A Free WordPress Blog – 4 Ways to Personalize Your Blog

Remember that all of our classes are available all the time here at Indie Plot Twist if you need a refresher.

The final topic for discussion is writing your first post.

In a previous post, 7 Considerations Before You Get Started, I talked about developing a collection of post topics before you start your blog. To be specific,

…I prefer to… write articles in advance so they’re ready to go before I need them. For example, if I’m thinking of launching a blog dedicated to epic novels, I’d sit down and list ideas for posts.

I’d write as many of them as possible, too. I’d do that while thinking about starting the blog. I’d do that while designing the blog. I’d do that while setting up the blog. Hopefully, by the time I wrote the introductory post, I’d also have a collection of posts that could be scheduled in advance.

There’s more good information on writing posts in that post. If you’re thinking about starting a blog but haven’t read through that class, I strongly urge you to do so now. You can start with the  Introduction to Blogging For Writers and click through the classes at your own pace. It will be well worth your time.


Because if you follow my example as quoted above, your first post will be written and ready to go before  you need it. You’ll be able to set you blog up and publish your first post with the greatest of ease (and maybe just a little bit of refining).

My blog is set up and now I need to write a post. What do I write about?

My initial post on  Carrie Lynn Lewis, Author was a basic introduction to readers describing why I write. Why I Write  is an informal post designed to supplement my author bio. I wrote a similar post when I launched my art blog in 2005.

The first official post for Indie Plot Twist (other than a clinic) is The Definition of Indie Success. In that post, Danielle introduced the blog to readers and explained what we hoped to accomplish.

Either option is good.

But you don’t have to go that route. You can launch directly into a discussion of whatever motivates you. If you’re having trouble thinking of something to write about, here are some ideas.

  • A basic bio (you need one anyway, why not make it your first post?)
  • A welcome to your readers. What would you say to people visiting your brick-and-mortar store or your home?
  • Your writing. Fiction or nonfiction? What is your favorite genre?
  • Are you published? If so, how many books do you have available and where can they be purchased?
  • If you’re unpublished, what are you working on now?

Take a few minutes to think about the things you talk about over coffee with friends or family. Are any of those topics suitable for your blog?

A good rule of thumb is to consider the subjects you enjoy reading and talking about in everyday life. Chances are those topics could find a home on your blog, too. Just make sure they add to the overall focus of your blog. If, for example, you write historical fiction and you want to blog about the history related to your stories, the topics you blog about should contribute to a discussion of history in some way. Recipes probably won’t fit in unless they’re recipes handed down from someone who lived during the time period you write about.


Your first post – and all your posts – will be as unique as your writing. Indeed, your blog should be a reflection of you as a writer.

Look for ways to incorporate your writing into your blog–whatever you write about and whatever you choose to blog about. Keep your posts interesting and relevant and do it from the very first post.

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