Share Your Experiences

Are you an indie author?

Do you use professional services for authors?

We’re talking a professional editor, a professional cover designer, a virtual assistant, or any of the other services available to indie authors.

If so, would you be interested in sharing your experiences on our blog?

We’re lining up a series of blog posts, scheduled for June 2015, in which we’ll be interviewing the professionals who offer these awesome services – and we’re looking for an experienced indie author to provide us with an introduction.

You can write your own guest post or do an interview with Danielle.

What We Need in a Candidate:

  • You must be independently published (or soon to be)
  • You must have experience contracting at least two or three professional author services

That’s it!

What You’ll Get in Return

We’ll include your headshot, bio, book cover, blurb, and links with your guest post. Your guest post will receive one week of heavy social media promo, followed by random promo for the life of the blog.

Contact Us!

If this is you, contact Danielle at danielle at indieplottwist dot com and write PRO AUTHOR SERVICES in the subject line in all caps.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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