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2016-01-06 Facebook Icon (made by me)Exciting news, folks. Indie Plot Twist is now on Facebook!

We know how much you’ve come to enjoy pulling up a chair and a mug at our writing table. (Those of you who participated in our recent survey, I have three words in response: Awwww, you’re sweet!) We get bombarded with your tweets, re-tweets, and likes on Twitter. Now we’re giving you even more chance to hang out at your favorite imaginary coffee shop!

Actually, we’re here to write.

Phbbbt. Nah, I don’t buy that, either. It’s all about the coffee.

We’ve been keeping our page a secret for a little while, but now the cat’s out of the bag (along with a bunch of coffee beans). We’d love to see you over on Facebook – so pack up your laptop and order a latte and come write with us! Just click the giant graphic below and – boom – smell the creative juices flowing.

And the coffee. Definitely the coffee.

2016-01-06 Indie Plot Twist Now on Facebook

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