What Stands Between You and Success as an Authorpreneur?

2015-05-20 Book

What’s your current writing goal? What stands in your way?

Early on, I wanted to make writing my living. It wasn’t just a foggy dream. I wanted this badly. So badly, I determined to overcome whatever obstacles stood between me and my goal.

Even if that obstacle was me.

Dreaming the Dream

2015-05-20 Northern LightsA lot of authors dream about publishing a book, and never get there. Why not? While they’d love to be propelled to the top of the bestseller lists in one fell swoop, the reality is that they’ve been working on their work-in-progress for five years, and they’re not sure when it’ll be done, or if it’s even all that good. They read how-to books and wonder about traditionally publishing or self-publishing … but the years tick by and there’s still no book. Or if there is, it disappears into oblivion instead of selling the 100 copies a day they dreamed of.

I don’t want that daydreamer to be me. So I’m tough with myself. And considering how sloppy I am by nature … trust me, managing my team of one is a full-time job.

The Only Thing Between Me and Success

2015-05-20 HikingI don’t demand that I get everything right the first time. But I do demand that I constantly evaluate my own progress and adjust where necessary. Even if that adjustment means making a fundamental change in me.

Is a bad habit standing between me and success? It has to go. End of story.

Because the only thing between me and success is me. Whether or not I’m  willing to improve my craft. Whether or not I’m  willing to pour my time into marketing. Whether or not I’m  willing to invest my own money. Whether or not I’m  willing to put my backside in the chair and my hands on the keyboard. Whether or not I’m  willing to keep learning the best authorpreneurial techniques.

Being My Own Boss

2015-05-20 Laptop mSuccess as an authorpreneur means that I force myself out of bed every morning, even though I hate mornings.

It means I took the time to figure out why  I hate mornings. It was because I was staring at a blaring computer screen late at night and messing with natural sleep patterns. So that meant no more late nights on Facebook or YouTube.

It means I quit drifting through the day haphazardly and instead created a simple schedule – and more’s the wonder, I learned to look at a clock frequently.

It means I recognized how easy it was to waste time on social media and created “social media black-out” times, or used a few minutes of Twitter as a reward for an hour of solid work.

I did all this because I figured out early on that time management was the main obstacle standing between me and authorpreneurial success. Much as I love the care-free life, it wasn’t working. And the only boss around here that’s going to make me meet deadlines is me. The only one who’s going to create my writing career is me. And ultimately, the only one who could potentially ruin my odds of success … is me.

The beauty of self-publishing is that it’s all up to you.

But that also means … it’s all  up to you.

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