Writing Your Novel

Writing Craft: 5 Great Ways to Learn It & Why You Must!

The main problem I find with editing new writers is that although their ideas may have real potential, they are unable to express them in a way that hooks a reader. Why? Because they have not taken the time to learn basic writing craft.

Journaling and Basic Story Structure

Every story ever told is built on that uber-simple story structure: Characters, conflict, climax, resolution. And interestingly, every event in your life is also built on that same story structure. Whether that event spans an hour or a lifetime.

This post is the beginning of a 6-part series on learning to become a better writer by journaling.

How to Write Descriptions in Fiction: Bringing Your Novel to Life

This October, we’re running a five-part series on how to write descriptions in fiction–and by the end of it, I expect you’ll find the art of describing your settings and characters anything but boring!

How to Make an Annoying Character Likable

Problem: Your hero or heroine is too annoying to be a sympathetic main character. Your critique partners and beta readers have told you the character needs a makeover. How do you make your readers stick with your unlikable character – and root for him or her anyway? Is it a lost cause?

How to Write a Plot Twist

Plot twists are incredibly magical things. You sit half-dozing in your chair, assuming you know exactly where the story is going, and–BAM–out of nowhere, the author sneaks the ace up his sleeve and changes the whole game. He leaves you frantically flipping pages, trying to find what you missed, asking how he could have deceived you so perfectly, and all you can conclude is that the guy’s a genius.